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If you would like to feature me or my music on your publication (magazine, periodical, blog, online journals, website, etc.) please contact us at and you will be sent a press kit complete with a bio, the story of whatever song you want to feature, some high quality photos, and answers to any questions you have.  If you would like to interview me for this publication, we can do a zoom meeting. :)

Here are some publications that I was fortunate enough to be featured in...

Too Much Love Magazine

too much love2.JPG

Article on Too Much Love, Written by Escarlina Mendoza:

"Houston-based Indie Rocker ‘IndieSkyz‘ is a badass masked menace who writes and sings from the deepest parts of her soul in an effort to confront us with the essential turmoil within each of us. The “facelessness” from the artist’s mask isn’t an attempt to hide something, but to displace the importance of her individuality and distinct being in favor of emphasizing how similar we’re all to each other. See yourself in her and get ready to rock!

IndieSkyz bears the anonymity of the mask with noble intent. It’s not about her, it’s about you, about us. That nobility is further expressed by the crown upon her head. She’s a queen, yes, and you are royalty yourself through her idealistic expression- It’s not about inherited titles or a monomaniacal desire to rule the world, but about a truly inherent nobility of spirit found in doing good and being better. There is no doubt all women are queens. There is also no doubt all men are kings. When we make good decisions, our crowns straighten and glitter. When we make bad ones, our crowns slip off a bit — sometimes they hit the floor, and sometimes they disappear entirely.

IndieSkyz’ name isn’t just for show, at the moment she’s a truly independent artist who retains full creative control of her already impressively high-quality repertoire of recordings that focus on taking deep, thoughtful looks at the heart of the human experience as sung by someone with the honesty and emotional intensity to confront us with a reflection of ourselves. Her Latest track is titled ‘FIGHT’.

‘FIGHT’ Opens up with a lumbering strength, and though it’s not on the faster side of things, it’s certainly imposing and heavy, giving off a vibe many find somewhat similar to Melvins at a slightly higher BPM. She doesn’t over-commit to one style of Rock at any given time, presenting us with Sludge, grunge, alternative rock, and more in a single song, a reasonably wide palette of musical flavors that is powerful and coherent without sacrificing any catchiness. IndieSkyz boasts of writing this amazing song within 5 minutes, and it takes her personal experiences with a “bully”.

‘There are 2 sides to my personality.  The quiet, sweet, introverted person who sings adult contemporary, and the powerful, dynamic, forceful indie rocker.’ – IndieSkyz

The side of her personality that’s sweet and quiet is of course the typical public face that’s been the target of bullying by a toxic person – a co-worker in this case- and the badass forceful indie rocker side of her is the one that’s bold enough to turn that experience around into a piece of musical art that we can connect with.

‘This one particular day, he was extraordinarily stressed out. In his prototypical fashion when he was stressed, he threw me under the bus and blamed me for something I did not do.  This did not bother me as I knew I didn’t do it and was familiar with his emotional hurricane behavior and did not take it personally. I am quite competent in my job and knew I had the respect of my coworkers and higher-ups.  I am quietly confident in my job.  No need to shout it out or make a big scene about it.  Just get the work done and move on to the next thing.‘ – IndieSkyz

Some gaslighting and further confrontation would come out of this situation of course, and the person we call IndieSkyz stood up to them, and this is where ‘FIGHT‘ came into being, a song that allowed to turn all the adrenaline and anger from this heated polemic into something ultimately positive and positively bad-ass."

link to original article here:

La Caverna

la caverna title.JPG

Feature in La Caverna, translated from Spanish…written by Miguel Castillo...


“Now it's the turn of the American indieSkyz and their single “FIGHT”, an indie rock song with alternative touches. A song with a lot of energy, that if it invites you to fight, you hear a lot of reserved anger and in this song the author takes it all out, she talks to us about it.

There are 2 sides to my personality. The quiet, sweet, introverted person who sings adult contemporary, and the powerful, dynamic, hard-hitting indie rocker. Most of the time I just show people the quiet introverted person. I choose not to show my rock personality in my daily life, as it would probably lead to more conflicts."


The history of this song is very long, but if stalkers and narcissists are involved, from my point of view, I invite you to do more research on this subject because there are many people who do not approach to have a positive effect on your life, but while we leave this song for you to listen to.”

link to original article in spanish here:

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