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Why the CROWN???

I have one simple goal: to change the world. :)


I feel that life is about choices, both good and bad.  Each day we wake up we have the ability to choose wisely or foolishly.  Every second of every day we make those choices.

For me, the reason I wear a crown is to remind us all (including me) that we are capable of more.  That each decision we make, regardless of whether or not it is large or small, there is an opportunity to choose something good. 

The crown for me represents this capability to choose goodness.  To choose to be kind.  To choose to be heartfelt.  To choose to be strong.  To choose to be resolute.  To choose to NOT vent your anger or pain on an innocent bystander.  Or vent your sadness on someone else.  To choose to try to be emotionally and spiritually mature.  To choose these things for the right reasons. 


To me this is true strength.  To me, this is the ability to choose in a manner that is consistent with royalty.  True royalty, that is.

Royalty to me is the representation of when we choose to be greater than we are.  When we strive to be better people.  When we strive to remind each other to be better.  When we make better decisions. To choose wisely each and every minute.  Each and every second.

I believe all human beings have the ability to be royal. 


There is no doubt all women are queens.  There is also no doubt all men are kings.  There is no doubt those who classify themselves as other are kings, queens, and royalty (however they as humans feel comfortable expressing themselves)


When we make good decisions, our crowns straighten and glitter.  When we make bad ones, our crowns slip off a bit (sometimes they hit the floor, sometime they disappear entirely).

I wear the crown to remind all of us (including myself) to make good choices.  To be strong, to not react foolishly in anger or hurt, to be loving and heartfelt, to stand up for ourselves and others when needed.  To remind us all to believe in ourselves and our ability to overcome challenges. 

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