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Why the MASK???

There are a couple of reasons I wear the mask.  :)




We are all HUMAN.  That is all that matters.

We are all HUMAN.  We all bleed the same.  We all live.  We all struggle.  We all love. 


We are all HUMAN.  That is all that matters.


Additionally, people are also too celebrity obsessed (not that I am a celebrity, FAR from it) and too caught up in appearances.  Sometimes this leads some people (viewers and listeners) to feel badly about themselves.  I do not want anyone who hears my music to feel that way.

When people view me, I just want them to see a HUMAN.  That’s all.  Just another human.

I feel very strongly about this.  :):):)

These so called differences do not matter. 


Race, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, religious affiliation or non-religious affiliation, body type, educational background, and other ways that people discriminate against each other really rubs against the grain.  


My music reflects a very strong anti-prejudice vibe.  This comes deep from my heart and soul.



And some folks are really obsessed with them.  But they do not matter.  


They do not matter.

Not really.


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